Our Story

Since starting in 1947 with a small dispensary, Nyangao has been a place people seek treatment for over 70 years. From 1959 life in Nyangao is centered around St. Walburg’s Hospital, initiated by Sister Doctor Thekla Stinnesbeck. In 1982 a major rehabilitation program of the whole hospital began, initiated by Sister Doctor Raphaela Haendler and in 1996 the total number of beds was increased to the current number of 220.

Health is for every human being one of the most essential elements of life. Good health is essential to bring development to the region. Every patient deserves the best care possible and equal access to it. The hospital has been and still is an important stakeholder, playing a vital role in improving the health and lives of the population of South-Tanzania.

On a daily basis St. Walburg’s hospital is working on the improvement of it’s health care delivery, despite all challenges the context of being a hospital in Tanzania entails. St. Walburg’s hospital is continuously working to improve work environment for and together with our staff, so they are able to deliver health care to the patient professionally, passioned and with good cooperation between the different departments. Also we seek constantly cooperation with other hospitals and health care facilities in the region.

SWH’s Mission

St. Walburg’s Hospital will be fully integrated into Tanzania’s health care system and recognized as a partner by Government, have high standards of Customer Care, have a motivated and well trained workforce and promotes Catholic virtues through the values of the hospital, which are compassion, excellence, integrity, professionalism, and best people.

SWH’s Vision

Nyangao Hospital will be a flourishing Catholic Church hospital with a strong emphasis on excellent curative and preventative services for its patients, who will be cared for with compassion by the best people available.

SWH’s Core values

Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Best People and Professionalism