News And Events

Partnership with the Government

The Government of Tanzania through public private partnership (PPP) continued to emphasize on quality of health care delivery with compliances on standards. The Government continues to support human resources, financial resources through health basket fund, capacity building, medicines and medical supplies. Also, provided mentorship on laboratory quality improvement and regular supportive supervision.

New Intern doctors arrived

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters (MBS) supported the construction and furnishing of self-contained 10 rooms Interns doctors’ hostel which was completed in August 2020. This enabled the hospital to request intern doctors from the Tanganyika medical council for a one-year internship who are paid living allowance by the Government. Missionary Benedictine Sisters continued to support costs of medical care services to the poor and the vulnerable groups including children and pregnant women. Also, MBS supported improvement and renovation of infrastructures.

Hospital Management Information system (HMIS)

The hospital is striving to acquire the health management information systems which will enhance the proper resource utilization, reduce Turn Around Time for patients. The connection of reliable internet services by Tanzania Telecommunication company Ltd through National Fibre Network was done, supported by the Government for health information networking i.e DHIS 2. Installation of health management system was not accomplished in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Either, materials for LAN and ICT equipment’s were bought and delivered to the hospital by Artemed Stiftung.

NICU nurses Seminar

Under the project of Polish Medical Mission a seminar was organized by Marijke Kingma (medical coordinator PMM) for NICU nurses of our hospital and surrounding facilities. Subjects where respiratory problems, prematurity, birth asphyxia, neonatal sepsis and care for newborn.

Also non-medical skills where trained, like communication and teamwork. Practice neonatal resuscitation training was given on basic life support, advanced life support and prematurity.

Asset valuation

by SWH Nyangao, 19-24 October 2020

This week the hospital was visited by Edward Mbangukira of M&R Agency. This company started to conduct a comprehensive hospital inventory and assets update for evaluation and to establish a hospital fixed assets register.

The main objective is to provide Hospital Management with effective and efficient management report of hospital’s fixed assets which will be used at the end of this financial year.

Visit “Domino Effect” TV-crew

by SWH Nyangao, 17-22 October 2020

October a TV-crew of the documentary series Domino Effect from Poland visited our hospital. They were here to see and film the work Polish Medical Mission – in cooperation with our staff – is doing in our hospital and surroundings. It is a show about people helping people, about the workers of non-governmental organizations and the volunteers from all over the world sensitive to human suffering.

The host, Dominika Kulczyk, is also head of the Polish NGO Kulczyk Foundation, which provides funding to projects throughout the show. The Kulczyk Foundation is a private family foundation and together with its partners, the foundation provides sustainable humanitarian, educational and economical support.

From January until April 2021 Nyangao Hospital will be partner of the Kulczyk Foundation in executing a new project. The documentary about St. Walburg’s Hospital Nyangao will air probably in March 2021. For more information:
Kulczyk Foundation & Domino Effect

Arrival container Artemed

by SWH Nyangao, 30 September 2020

On 30rd of September – after a lot of bureaucratic processes – the container with 16 wooden boxes full of IT and electrics from Germany finally arrived in Nyangao. Among other things, there were 8 km of network and fiber optic cables, 2 tons of power cables and distributor, 1 ton lithium phosphate batteries and inverter as well as 1 tons of IT equipment, installation material and tools in the container.

The goods are going to be used for the big IT and elctrical stabilization project done by Artemed Stiftung. The first preperations for this project have been done already, but due to Corona the project is on a break. In 2021 the project will continue. Then the German-Tanzanian technical team can start the comprehensive renovation of the electrics and IT in St. Walburg`s Hospital. For the hospital it will a whole new era begins with much better treatment options for the many patients in and around Nyangao.

The first preperations for this project have been done already, but due to Corona the project is on a break. In 2021 the project will continue. Read More about Artemed volunteers involved in this project

Seminar Surgery for doctors

by SWH Nyangao, 10 september 2020

Through PMM project the hospital conducted surgical skills training for the doctors in Nyangao Hospital and surrounding hospitals.

The goals of the seminar where to analyze and capacitate doctors with diagnosis and management of common occurring surgical conditions, to decrease the rate of common mistakes and human error in non-operative fractures management and to brainstorm on how and when to refer an acute surgical patient.

Subjects of discussion where management of perforated peptic ulcer disease, common ENT conditions, lower urinary tract symptoms and conditions and plaster of Paris and plaster techniques. The seminar was very successful with 53 participants attending.

Opening St. Martin de Porres

by SWH Nyangao, 25 August 2020

On 25th of August the new Hospital Hostel St. Martin de Porres was opened and blessed by Vicar General Angelus Chitanda.

The building was funded by Missionary Benedictine Sisters thanks to Sr. Raphaela Haendler, longtime supporter of the hospital.

The hostel is for Tanzanian intern doctors coming to work and gain experience in Nyangao Hospital. On the same day the new staff house of Nursing School was opened by Vicar General and project coordinator Malgorzata Olasinska.