The management of SWH consists of the Hospital Governing Committee and the Hospital Management Team.


The Hospital Governing Committee supervises the operations of the Hospital Management Team and the daily routine at SWH. Hospital Governing Committee observes, for example, whether the goals of the organization are achieved, what the activities of the organization involve, the risks attached to these activities and whether the rules and regulations are adhered to. It approves the hospital budget and defines the philosophy and goals of the hospital.

The Hospital Governing Committee of SWH consists of the following independent members.

1Fr. Angelus ChitandaChairmanVicar General Catholic Diocese of Lindi
2Mr. Theophile MropeMemberDiocesan Health Secretary Catholic Diocese of Lindi
3Sr. Raphaela Haendler OSBMemberMSB- Tutzing Sisters Representative
4Sr. Teresa Zemale OSBMemberMSB- Tutzing Sisters Mother Priores Ndanda
5Fr. George MwiruMemberDiocesan Treasurer Catholic Diocese of Lindi
6Mr. Dismas MasulubuGovernment RepresentativeDistrict Medical Officer Lindi DC
7Mr. John SijaonaGovernment RepresentativeActing Regional Medical Officer- Lindi
8Mr. Mathei MakwinyaLocal Government RepresentativeCouncil Chairman- Ward Executive Representative Lindi Rural Council
9Mr. Evaristo J.MnguliMemberCommunity representative


The Hospital Management team is responsible for the day to day running of the hospital. It is responsible for seeing the policies of the hospital and/or government are adhered by everyone. It ensures the staff maintains a high degree of discipline and devoation towards their duties. Its members have discussions with the medical staff management and advisory bodies. The Hospital Management Team suggests any changes necessary for the efficient running of the hospital to the HGC.

1Mr. Masanja KasogaChairmanMedical Officer Incharge
2Mr. Charles LaiserMemberHospital Administrator
3Yosiah MwakyomaMemberHospital Patron
4Ms. Hawa MnalipaMemberHospital Chief Accountant
5Happy MropeMemberHealth secretary