Surgical Services

Cooperation with Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute whereby surgeons from MOI came for a two weeks period to treat patients and capacitate local doctors in orthopaedic conditions and their respective management. This partnership facilitates the availability of sign-nails for orthopaedic procedures. This was a big relief to patients who mostly cannot afford to go to Dar es Salaam for treatment of orthopaedic surgeries

Surgical Department is one of the main department of our hospital. It comprises of general surgery ward, orthopaedic ward, dental unit, ICU and operating theatres. We have 1 major and 1 minor theater.

Dr. Masanja Kasoga, Medical Officer Incharge

Medical Services

Medical cases without need of surgery are admitted to the Medical ward for treatment. This is one of the oldest wards of the hospital. Medical cases with need of surgery are admitted to the Theatre for treatment.

Some Of Departments in this Service are: Internal Medicine department, Surgery department, Obstetrics department, Ear, Nose and Throat department.

Dr. Masanja Kasoga, Medical Officer Incharge

Diagnostic Services

Our hospital offers the following diagnostic service: Radiology, Laboratory and Ultrasound.

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Primary Health Services

Outpatients from Nyangao village and the area around the hospital come to the OPD to be examined, receive medicine and treatment. The most serious cases are referred to the reception for further treatment at the hospital. The eye clinic, dental clinic and physiotherapy are also parts of the OPD.

The Reproductive Child Health Services(RCHS) unit offers preventives and curatives services at the main station in the hospital and through several outreach stations.