General Contacts

St. Walburg's Hospital Nyangao
P.O. Box 1002 Lindi, Lindi region, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (0)656 227 511

Get in Touch

If you are interested in St. Walburg's Hospital Nyangao Projects or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Administrator Office

Hospital Location

St. Walburg's Hospital Nyangao is situated on the hills of the Nyangao Village, north to the border between the Lindi and Mtwara districts. Lindi district is surrounded by six other districts and all combined these have an estimated total of 1,194,028 inhabitants (2022 census). Other satellite facilities under the Diocese are the mission hospitals in Mnero and Kipatimu. Despite the fact that these hospitals exist, our hospital coverage is beyond Lindi region. Actually our operations cover the east-southern zone of Tanzania between Kilwa and the border of Mozambique. The hospital even receives patients out of Mozambique. This implies that even if the hospital acquires necessary resources at regional level, it still needs more resources to meet the growing health service demand. Nyangao hospital is estimated to serve a population of around one million people.


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