Since 2017 ARTEMED Stiftung is cooperating with St. Walburg’s Hospital. For ARTEMED supporting the hospital is important, as it has a central role in health care in the rural south-east of the country and it is the only access for about 1 million people. ARTEMED recognized the difficulties and limitations a rural hospital like St. Walburg’s has to deal with and decided to give their support. In 2018 this cooperation was actualized in funding the construction of a new Minor Theatre. In the same year the major theatre was renovated thanks to the financial support of ARTEMED. Throughout the years various experts of IPC, Gynaecology, Surgery and Infrastructure visited the hospital a couple of weeks to support with their expert knowledge.

In 2020 – a year in which experts couldn’t visit Nyangao due to corona – ARTEMED trough the initiative of initiative of Michael Fakharani decided to support in facilitating and coordinating the establishment of experience sharing program for the hospital nurses & cleaners. Goal is to gain and improve skills and competence focusing on IPC, hygiene and standard nursing care. The program was executed at CCRBT, a Tanzanian health care organization which works to prevent disability, provide affordable medical and rehabilitative services, and aid empowerment of people with disabilities and their families. The standard in the CCBRT is very high, the employees of the St. Walburg`s Hospital can get an impression what is possible and available in terms of material in your own country. In the future selected nurses and cleaners on a regular basis travel to CCBRT in Dar Es Salaam to observe and discuss hygiene standards for the hospital in Nyangao.


Also from 2018 ARTEMED started to support various with sponsorships for education purposes. Sponsorships cover the school fees and boarding costs staff have to make while following their education.


From 2018 onwards ARTEMED is sponsoring Sospeter to become a Bachelor of Nursing. Sospeter is studying in Uganda at the Bugema University in Kampala. At the end of 2022 Sospeter is suspected to graduate and to return to Nyangao’s Nursing School.


From 2018 until 2020 ARTEMED funded the specialization of medical doctor Masanja Kasoga to become specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. After hard work and good grades, Masanja graduated and returned to Nyangao in October 2020 to pick up his work as Medical Officer in charge and to strengthen the team of doctors on Gynaecology & Obstetrics department.


In 2020 medical doctor Francis joined Muhimbili University in Dar es Salaam to start his specialization in Internal Medicine. Thanks to the support of ARTEMED Francis is able to become a specialist and the hospital is able to attract a replacement for the time Francis is studying. End 2023 Francis is suspected to finish his specialization and return to St. Walburg’s Hospital Nyangao.


Since 2019 our hospital started to initiate a research project on Stimulate to Simulate, which focusses on continuous simulation training for staff on labour ward and NICU. Training focusses on medical skills and other skills vital to good health care delivery. ARTEMED funded the employment of a research assistant. See more on our research page.


From 2018 the hospital is in discussion with ARTEMED to realize our biggest project until now, the renovation and implementation of IT infrastructure and electrical stabilization. In 2019 the agreement was signed and in 2020 the first preparations were made (see pictures). Due to Corona this project was delayed, but it is planned to be realized in 2021.