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Our hospital has an old X-ray machine, which has been donated in by our partners from Germany. It is an old model and - as time is passing – has more and more problems. In the past this machine enabled the hospital to conduct countless numbers of X-rays, which empowered our doctors to make an accurate analysis to diagnose and to treat our patients in the best way possible. The presence of the X-ray machine benefited both our patients and our staff. Because of the importance of this machine to our staff and patients, every time the system had (regular) problems maintenance and repair was done. Due to more and more regular problems, this is leading to high maintenance and running cost.

The number of patients requiring X-ray diagnosis per month is around 450 and per year it reaches 5400 X-rays done. This represents a decisive part of the services and treatments at the hospital. The X- ray makes it possible to conduct accurate diagnoses which reduce time and cost to the patient and enhances the quality and efficiency of the health services provided by the hospital. On the part of revenue the hospital generates approximate Tshs. 6 million per month. Per year this is Tshs. 72 million., excluded patients who receive a X-ray but are exempted from payment due to insufficient income.

The current technical problems we face with the X-ray machine has a negative impact on the ability to diagnose and treatment of care needed by patients. The overall effect of the situation becomes severe, even to the extent of losing patients lives. Nyangao, located in rural area, is inhabited mostly by people who already are underserved and vulnerable. They are – financially or otherwise - not able to travel long distances for health services. Thus, the presence of the X- Ray machine in Lindi Region is making substantial treatments affordable and accessible for this community. The hospital has competent staff in Radiology department who are capable and skilled in operating a modern radiology and imaging machine, but further education shall be needed for other staff. Training in the use of the machine will be undertaken by formal education, on-job-training as well as cooperation with other hospital through exchange skills and Knowledge. The hospital has enough space within the X-Ray building and it can be installed without any additional infrastructure needed.

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The X- ray is a basic reliable diagnostic tool, especially for Bones. The X- Ray is a determinant tool for accurate decision making in orthopedic surgical intervention.

Dr.Masanja Kasoga Medical Officer Incharge

By mobilizing resources amongst all our friends around the world, we sincerely hope that the hospital will be able to acquire a new X-Ray machine. We will be able to continue providing our patients with better health services. It will improve the quality the hospital can offer and in the end leads to saving lives within the population surrounding the hospital. Our partner in health service delivery – Action Medeor - already showed positive interest to support St. Walburg’s hospital in continuing the service of X-ray. We encourage all and everyone to support our campaign and also to put the important message forward amongst your own networks. Our target figure for the campaign is USD 97.000,00.

When a X- Ray scanner is used for:

An X- Ray Machine is useful for obtaining many images, for instance of:

  • Bones
  • It can help a doctor assess bone diseases, bone density, and the state of the patient's spine.
  • It can also provide vital data about injuries to a patient's hands, feet, pelvis and other skeletal structures.
  • Even small bones are clearly visible, as well as their surrounding tissue.
Who are the suppliers?

The most known suppliers of X- Ray Machine today are;

  • Pacific Diagnostic services
  • GE Healthcare
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • Canon Medical Systems
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Hitachi Medical Corporation

The hospital aims to acquire an X-Ray machine that suits the operational, technical and clinical competence level at the hospital. Thus, prior to procure the machine, a comprehensive assessment to identify a realistic “value-for money” machine will be undertaken. To assist this process the hospital will collaborate with biomedical experts from Action Medeor.

he aim of the hospital is to acquire either a well refurbished, second hand machine with modern (but not top-of-the-line) and efficient fit-for-the-purpose specification and requirements or a new machine in the same range. The latter has the advantage of a longer life span, beneficial training and aftersales service agreements.

Brand and price:

The brand and specifications for the machine, an exact price level is somehow challenging to indicate. However, the hospital got one proforma invoice that the price will be in the range of USD 97.000.

This price includes:

  • Purchase (item price)
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Education/training
  • Maintenance and running cost
  • Service agreements
  • Other post-delivery cost

With many friends and ambassadors of the hospital around the world, we hope that we soon can get the assistance needed to enable us acquiring a New X-Ray Machine. Be it from private donations, business environment, development agencies or suppliers, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Your donation – together with many others – may be an important motivation to the hospitals strive to support the communities with high quality medical services - as it has been so known for over decades. And remember: no contributions are small!


Account name: St. Walburg’s Hospital Nyangao
Account number: 1950017336506
Currency: Euro

Please mention in the description it concerns a donation for the X-ray machine
The hospital also encourages you to put this brief flyer forward to someone you may think has interest in supporting. By distributing the message the likelihood to achieve our target increases.


For further information or inquiries, please contact:

1. Sr. Raphaela Haendler OSB
   Missionary Benedictine Sisters
   supporters of St. Walburg’s Hospital Nyangao
   Email: haendlerraphaela@gmail.com

2. Charles D. Laiser
   Hospital Administrator
   Email: charleslaiser.nyangao@gmail.com

3. Masanja E. Kasoga
   Medical Officer in charge
   Email: revdrkasoga@gmail.com